New album with signature traits

DEUS has just broken six years of silence with their new album, which surfaced at a time when many believed the band was dead and gone. Tom Barman got fed up with gathering the band’s other members from their various side projects and recruited a new bass player and drummer. «Pocket Revolution» is a dynamic and rich effort that carries all the unique traits that have wooed fans in the past, such as dense melodies, smart samples and impressive crescendos, without, however, reaching the standards of previous albums. The band’s debut album, «Worst Case Scenario» (1994), was fueled by abundant energy, improvisation, and – justifying the band’s name – a bit of inspiration from above. These Benelux students melted amid the ecstatic punk rhythms of the track «Suds & Soda.» With «In a Bar Under the Sea,» perhaps the band’s greatest achievement yet, dEUS unfolded and further developed the act’s fine qualities to produce more mature melodies without abandoning their willingness for experimentation. Here, too, soft acoustic melodies stood side-by-side with rock outbursts – often within the same song. By this stage, the critics had gone berserk, but the wider public did not discover the band until a little later on (with the help of MTV) with the act’s most pop-oriented project yet. «Ideal Crash» (1999) showed dEUS re-emerging with a more complacent sound, without many of their cutting-edge aspects. Not long after, the band vanished, too.