Translation nominees

Last week the Greek Culture Ministry announced the short-list for the State Awards for Literary Translation. Eligible for inclusion were works published in 2004 and submitted in time to the National Library of Greece. The contenders for the award for the translation of a foreign literary work into Greek are: Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke for her translation of «The Yellow Arrow» by Victor Pelevin (published by Agra). Mitsos Alexandropoulos for «I’d Rather Ask for Freedom» by Alexander Pushkin (Potamos). Lefteris Anagnostou for «Joseph and His Brothers» by Thomas Mann (Gutenberg). Haris Vlavianos for «33x3x33: Poems – Essays – Fragments» (Nepheli). Dionysis Kapsalis for «The Great Water: Twenty-Seven Poems» by Emily Dickinson (Agra). Vassilis Papageorgiou for «The Poems» by Tomas Transtremer (Printa). In the reverse category, the award for the translation of a Greek literary work into a foreign language, the contenders are: Gavin Bett, Stathis Gauntlett and Thanassis Spilias for their translation of «Erotokritos» by Vintsentzos Kornaros. David Connolly for «The Dedalus Book of Greek Fantasy.» Paola Maria Minucci for her translation of poems by Michalis Ganas. Philip Ramp for his translation of poems by Nikos Karouzos. Manuel Resende for his translation of poems by Odysseas Elytis. Fereydun Fariyad for translating works by Yiannis Ritsos into Persian.