Trianon cinema will carry on tradition of Musical Tuesdays

The increasing pressure on small cinemas by multiplexes these days is nothing new. But especially during a bad season, like the current one, the crisis is getting deeper. Cinema owners seem to be addressing the problem in different ways: some are adding smaller cinemas next to the existing ones, others are trying to attract specialized audiences while others seem to be bowing to the inevitable. Leonidas Papageorgiou, owner of the Trianon and Phillip movie theaters situated in the Patission area, belongs to the second category. Since 2000, when the Trianon was incorporated into the Filmcenter network, the Kodringtonos Street cinema has been associated with a series of concerts by the Orchestra of Colors. The films that followed the concerts were not part of current releases, but rather in direct or indirect tune with each concert’s musical theme: a complete three-hour entertainment package on a day when most people would rather stay at home. And it worked. On most Tuesday evenings, the large Trianon cinema was packed. The Trianon’s dissociation from the Filmcenter this year left the impression that its Musical Tuesdays were about to be scrapped. Even without the Greek Filmcenter’s support, Papageorgiou is marching on. Beginning tonight, the Orchestra of Colors will interpret «Romeo & Juliet» (music by Tchaikovsky and Berlioz), followed by Wong Kar Wai’s «In the Mood for Love.» The concert series is set to run through April. Is there an antidote to the current crisis? «Specialization and competitive services,» notes Papageorgiou, adding that «not all art house films do well at the box office, even when screened in small cinemas. Meanwhile, people now tend to look at other factors when deciding on a movie, such as easy access and parking availability.» As for the future, Papageorgiou offers the following: «I’m not the first to come up with this, but one idea would be the construction of an art house multiplex. The problem in this case is finding an appropriate spot in the center of Athens.» Trianon, 21 Kodringtonos, tel 210.821.5469.

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