Tribute exhibition to the great personalities of Greek theater

The Melina Cultural Center in Thiseion is hosting an exhibition in tribute to Greece’s great actors and to the memory of the late actress and culture minister Melina Mercouri. Titled «A Panorama of Greek Actors and Significant Performances of the 20th Century,» the show brings together photographs, costumes, personal items, posters, recordings of music and extracts, magazines and programs from important Greek plays that bring to life a century of Greek theater. «What we want to see is school groups and university students who did not have the opportunity to experience firsthand these great actors and moments of the Greek theater,» explained Nitsa Loule of the City of Athens cultural desk at a recent press conference. «What is interesting in the show,» moreover, added Theater Museum president Costas Georgousopoulos, «is that in parallel with the personalities and performances, it also shows significant social and political events that took place at each given time so that the public can interpret developments in the theater in terms of other developments in the country as a whole.» The exhibition, conceived by House of Actors Foundation president and seasoned actress Anna Fonsou, is organized jointly by the City of Athens Cultural Center, the Theater Museum and the non-governmental organization Horizons. It runs until May 5. The curator and director of the exhibition, which is held under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture, is Spyros Mercouris. World Theater Day and awards Next Monday to mark World Theater Day, the Center for the Research and Study of Greek Theater will be holding its theater awards ceremony for the 2004-06 period at the Rex Theater on Panepistimiou Street. It will be selecting the best theater artists who are still currently active for a series of awards. The awards for the overall contribution to Greek theater will go to Katerina Helmi and Nonika Galinea (best lead actress), Angelos Andonopoulos and Costas Kazakos (best lead actor), Mimis Plessas (musicals and revues), Giorgos Armenis and Thanassis Papageorgiou (director) and Giorgos Zakas (sets-costumes), among others.