Exhibit focuses on light

It is an exhibition on light, yet what predominates is black and white, hues of gray and browns. «Almost Light,» a group show curated by art historian Lina Tsikouta and held for just a couple more days at Alekton, has no color. The effect is not intentional – it just happened that none of the 21 participating artists (except perhaps for the video works) thought of putting color in their work. Perhaps the choice is appropriate; white is after all the effect of bright light and black is the exact opposite, the absence of light. Light is an interesting subject for an exhibition, one that brings to mind some of the most interesting periods in the history of art. In this particular exhibition, not all works are of the same standing yet one gets the sense that the artists felt challenged by the topic of light. One of the reasons to visit the show is the venue itself. Alekton – the name of the exhibition space – is a «club» for artists and intellectuals that was established more than a decade ago by Costas Kartelias and the late writer Giorgos Heimonas. It is a three-story venue with a multi-disciplinary aspect which hosts theater plays, art exhibitions and lectures (a series of them were organized on the occasion of the current exhibition). On the ground level there is also a restaurant with great character and atmosphere. It resembles a blend of an antique store (the tables and chairs are all different) with an art gallery (original artworks hang on the walls). Alekton’s friends and members meet in this charming, warm cafe-restaurant located in the midst of Athens historical center in Kerameikos. «Almost Light» at Alekton (21 Sfaktirias, Kerameikos, 210.346.4638) through Saturday.