The Athens Cow Parade enters the auction phase

In the eyes of the sophisticated art enthusiasts, Cow Parade’s painted «sculptures» of lifesize cows that were distributed throughout the center of Athens probably seemed like a poor substitute for a more challenging public art exhibition or – at best – a light, fun event. This is probably no exaggeration, yet Cow Parade must be credited with providing a playground-like environment for children and for making people feel more involved in their urban surroundings. But more than anything else, it is the philanthropic aspect of Cow Parade that should be recognized. This is a global venture (cities all over the world have had their own Cow Parade) whose purpose is to gather funds to help advance a particular charity project. The proceeds from the auction of the sculptures will be donated to the Together for Children association. The Athens Cow Parade auction will take place on September 18 at the Kogialleneios horse-riding center in Goudi. Auctioneer Petros Vergos will head the auction. A preview of the works is to take place at the same premises from September 15-17 (noon – 8 p.m.) The starting price ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 euros for each cow. A catalog that documents the exhibition and includes photos of each cow has been published for the purpose of the auction. It is available at the Elefteroudakis bookstores for 15 euros. Information: 210.619.9482-3.