A traveling exhibition’s ongoing success

Tomorrow, July 1, Lisbon assumes the European Union presidency, and the curtain falls on the events held in Berlin. Over the past six months, alongside the political projects, there was a series of cultural events. Among the highlights was the Greek participation in the Bode-Pergamon Museums Exhibition: «The Brilliance of the Sun: Icons from the Velimezi Collection,» organized jointly by the Byzantine Art Museum of Berlin and the Benaki Museum, with the support of Tourism Development Minister Fanni Palli-Petralia. The exhibition of 48 icons attracted 92,684 visitors from March 15 to June 10. It was the 17th exhibition of the icons during an international tour that started 10 years ago in Thessaloniki, an exhibition that Helbi attended. Since then the collection has been enriched with ecclesiastical objects that give visitors a more comprehensive picture of Byzantine religious art. The tour continues and the next stop is Cracow.