Glass and Cohen team up in Goudi

What is the relationship between composer Philip Glass and multifaceted artist Leonard Cohen? Both enjoy great popularity in Greece – Glass has performed here numerous times, while Cohen purchased a home on the island of Hydra quite some time ago. Now the two are teaming up for a new project – a combination of theater, poetry and visual arts. The «Book of Longing,» a performance based on poems, paintings and sketches by Cohen, will be staged at the Badminton Theater in Goudi from July 8 to 12. Self-portraits, landscapes and portraits of loved ones, mostly women, will be projected onto the background while Glass’s compositions fill the arena. The pensive and erotic «Book of Longing» brings to life 167 poems and 40 sketches that Cohen created over the past 20 years. Glass selected 22 of these poems and produced a performance that blends instrumental compositions, solo interpretations, recitation and painting. Cohen’s recorded voice is heard reciting poems, telling his story and meditating, while Glass participates as a keyboardist, alongside a group of skilled musicians. Badminton Theater, Goudi Military Park, tel 211.108.6024. For tickets and information, tel 210.884.0600 as well as