Thursday 1/5

FILM: Escape from Absolom A man tries to escape from the prison he has been sent to, which is a free-for-all living hell on an island. Science-fiction action drama starring Ray Liotta, Lance Henriksen, Stuart Wilson and Kevin Dillon. (Mega-2.00) FILM: Domestic Disturbance A father struggles to prove that his former wife’s new husband, and his son’s stepfather, is not who he appears to be. Crime drama starring John Travolta, Vince Vaugh, Matt O’Leary, Teri Polo and Steve Buscemi. (Star-23.15) FILM: Beverly Hills Family Robinson The Robinson family must fight for survival and put up with each other once they are shipwrecked somewhere in the South Seas. Family comedy adventure starring Dyan Cannon, Martin Mull, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan O’Donohue. (NET-1.00) FILM: Criminal Law An up-and-coming lawyer defends a man accused of murder but after he wins the case, he realizes that his client was guilty. Crime thriller starring Gary Oldman, Kevin Bacon, Tess Harper, Karen Young and Sean McCann. (Alpha-1.15)