Bjork returning to Athens

One look at her photo is enough to make you rejoice that the music industry’s very own elf, Bjork, is coming to Greece. Part of her European tour, the Icelandic performer is scheduled to appear at the Olympic Stadium’s indoor basketball facility on July 31. This offers a chance to remember Bjork in a number of ways: «growing» during the opening ceremony of the Athens 2004 Olympics; singing barefoot on stage at the Lycabettus theater at the beginning of her solo career some 15 years ago; Bjork as a geisha, a swan, a singer-turned-actress who went on to sing and dance in the dark. One thing is for sure: When it comes to Bjork, nothing is simply commercial, typical, busy or boring. This is a girl who knows how to improvise, a trendsetter with a highly original take when it comes to picking outfits – both on and off stage. She is not just being provocative, she is different. At the age of 43 she has been nominated for Grammys (13 times), an Oscar and two Golden Globes – she won a Palme d’Or in Cannes in 2000. Not that she cares much about awards – she has sold 15 million albums. Bjork’s music is pop, alternative pop, while she is into jazz, rock, electronica, classical and country music. In 2007, the artist released «Volta,» her sixth studio album to date. These days, the artist appears fiercely political, dedicating songs to Kosovo and Tibet. Tickets go on sale on June 4, with prices ranging from 55 to 100 euros.