Contemporary dance version of ancient tragedy

A different version of the ancient myth of Electra is about to be staged at the Sani Festival in Halkidiki. Sofia Spyratou’s dance theater production «Electra Perpetrator,» which has been touring the country since July, will be staged for the last time this Saturday. Spyratou’s «Electra» is based on the tragic heroine’s story as portrayed by Euripides, according to whom she helped her brother Orestes kill their mother to avenge their father’s assassination. Following the deed, the siblings are haunted by guilt and its consequences. Conceived, choreographed and directed by Spyratou, the Roes Dance Theater production combines dance and theater with music and video screenings. Renowned composer Michael Nyman worked with Spyratou and wrote the performance’s original score. The cast include actors Evi Hatzaki, Danilo Zeka, Lia Tsolaki, Xenia Themeli, Stavroula Kontopoulou, Elena Kourkouli, Lida Maniatakou and Giota Militsi. The sets and costumes are designed by Constantinos Zamanis. The text has been adapted by Stratis Paschalis and the lights are by Sakis Birbilis. The Roes Dance Theater was founded by Spyratou in 1989 to promote and develop dance, theater and music with emphasis on the Greek tradition. The theater is also dedicated to promoting the work of young and up-and-coming artists. Tickets can be purchased at Thessaloniki’s Stereodisk (4 Aristotelous) and Jazz & Classic (7 Aristotelous), as well as at the Sani Resort in Halkidiki. They are also available online at and on tel 801.11.60000. For further information, call 2310.317.327.