New spin on ‘Swan Lake’ by choreographer

Following a highly successful staging by the Dance Theater of the State Theater of Northern Greece (KTBE), Constantinos Rigos’s new production, «Memory of the Swan,» comes to Athens this week for a limited number of performances. The ballet opens tonight at the National Opera, for five consecutive evenings ending on June 2. Based on «Swan Lake,» Tchaikovsky’s celebrated ballet, the choreographer/director’s version attempts to overturn the established fairy tale in favor of a new one. In this production, the tragic love story between Odette and Siegfried becomes the basic core for the development of another 15 stories, all of which are set around the lake. For Rigos, the lake becomes a symbol of the individual prisons we all live in, while the swan song eventually turns into a song of freedom that breaks with society’s rules. The production’s set was designed by Kenny McLaughlan, the costumes by Constantinos Rigos and Nikos Dimitriou, the texts are by Elena Penga and musical direction by Dimitris Kourtakis. Performing in Rigos’s «Memory of the Swan» are Katerina Kervanidou, Roula Koutroubeli, Amalia Bennett, Elena Topalidou, Penny Christopoulou, Spyros Bertsatos, Ilias Tsakonas, Dimitris Iordanidis, Yiannis Martos and Nicoletta Xenariou. At the National Opera, 59 Academias, tel 010.361.1516. Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones