A play inspired by Callas

Olga Laskaratou has one of the most captivating voices on Greek radio. But in addition to her weekend appearances on the radio station Melodia, she is now revealing her more theatrical side. «Morendo,» a play written and directed by Laskaratou, is being staged at the Eilissos Theater in Mets. «Morendo» is a musical term that means «gradually dying away.» In opera, it is mostly used for death scenes and since Laskaratou’s monologue is dedicated to the woman who changed the history of opera, Maria Callas, the title could not have been more appropriate. Opera lovers, as well as fans of music in general, will find much to identify with in this monologue, which expresses the passion of living for art. Eva Kehagia plays the prima donna who became a diva, moving from the stage to the dressing room and from reality to illusion. The play’s sets were designed by Yiannis Metzikoff, the lighting by Katerina Maragoudaki, while Zoi Hatziantoniou is the movement coach. The play is performed on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays at 9.15 p.m. Eilissos Theater, 3 Aglaonikis & Vouliagmenis, Mets, tel 210.921.4248.