Cuban artist’s legacy to grace Greek stages

Most of us remember Compay Segundo from Wim Wenders’s film «Buena Vista Social Club» and the hit soundtrack it produced. Segundo, one of the legendary grandfathers of Cuban music along with Ibrahim Ferrer, may have died in 2003 but his spirit and music live on through his band. Grupo Compay Segundo is touring and celebrating the centennial of its founder’s birth. The group will perform at the Technopolis Arts Complex in Iraklio, Crete, tonight and at Athens’s Badminton Theater tomorrow. Since the 1950s, it has changed its style and lineup frequently, but has always remained faithful to the distinctive Cuban music style known as «son.» «I have very intense memories from my father,» Salvador Repilado, one of the group’s oldest members and son of Segundo, told Kathimerini. «His whole life was interwoven with music and I grew up with it. I think following in his footsteps and embarking on a career as a musician was unavoidable. Music in the 1940s and 50s was different. Back then quality and aesthetics were important, there was no aim to create something commercial. Of course Cuba had and still has a great music tradition which is being cultivated and developed with the contribution of young artists.» «It is a very melodic kind of music which can be enjoyed when dancing but even just listening. It talks about love and life,» he added when asked what it is that makes this music accessible to so many different people all over the world. «After «Buena Vista Social Club,» people across the world got to know and love Cuban music. That is why I believe this album was a landmark in our music history. We are welcomed with great love and enthusiasm, even in countries with a very different culture to ours. We hope it will be the same in Greece.» Badminton Theater, Goudi Military Park. For tickets, call 210.884.0600.