Pickup expected in postal vote from abroad

Some 17,000 people have registered in just 11 days on the Interior Ministry platform for the postal vote, which creates optimism that the project will eventually be crowned with success.

Ιt takes a village and €233,000 to raise a child in Greece

It takes a village to raise a child, as the old African proverb goes. But what happens when you need to hire – and, of course, pay for – that village? It is currently estimated that it costs around €13,000 per year to raise a child in Greece.

‘We’re talking about a crime. It wasn’t just an accident’

Kathimerini met two survivors of the InterCity 62 train disaster at the Thessaloniki railway station where they should have arrived on the evening of February 28, 2023. Dimitris Kostarellos and Stavroula Kapsali spoke about how their lives changed after the crash at Tempe, the trauma and the justice they seek. “Even […]

‘They say I’m fortunate not to recall anything’

She wanted to play the piano. Six months after the deadly train crash at Tempe, she had just returned home. However, her fingers refused to bend to touch the keys. Even now, despite improvements in her mobility, the lingering effects of the injuries and the prolonged stay in intensive care persist. […]

Scars: A characteristic of uniqueness or  an affront to the aesthetic models of our era?

In an era where an archetypal model of flawless beauty is promoted with ever-more persistence, and where a feeling of invisible guilt is often cultivated against anyone diverging from the imposed standards of beauty, along with now omnipresent social media serving as unofficial judges of our daily lives, there are, nevertheless, others who prove themselves courageous and declare that diversity is an innate characteristic of normal people; that imperfection is an indisputable characteristic of God’s most perfect creation – the human being.

In Cyprus Halloumi war, an ex-pilot champions the old ways

Cheesemaking newcomer Pantelis Panteli has become an unlikely bastion of an old tradition amid a bitter legal battle about the ingredients of Cyprus’s prized Halloumi. Should it be made from cow’s milk – which now forms the bulk of exports and has a mellower taste – or from tarter goat and ewe milk, which some purists swear by?

Nostos for Greek adoptees: It’s long past time

Last December, a week before I left Greece for an extended trip to the United States, I launched a petition, the first ever I had attempted. It is titled “Nostos for Greek Adoptees.”

Kalavryta: The perfect weekend getaway

Only two and a half hours from Athens, this charming little town in the mountains of Ahaia in the Peloponnese, offers the perfect weekend getaway.

Greece’s role in shifting global dynamics

The delicate balances in a rapidly changing world and a world order that is being tested by two devastating wars, while global leaders are holding their breath in view of the US elections, were the focus of the discussions that took place on February 12 and 13 at the 5th Forum for Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, co-organized by Kathimerini English Edition, Delphi Economic Forum and the Hellenic American Leadership Council (HALC) in Washington, DC.

Important strategic dialogue about what’s happening between Greece and US

The Willard InterContinental, a landmark hotel in the American capital, hosted the delegates of the 5th Forum for Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, which was organized by the English-language edition of Kathimerini, in collaboration with Delphi Economic Forum, and the Hellenic American Leadership Council (HALC) last week.

Santorini wreck a ticking time bomb, residents warn

The wreck of a cruise ship, which ran aground near the popular tourist destination of Santorini in April 2007 and sank the next day, has remained an ecological bomb at the bottom of the island’s caldera, according to the coordinating committee of the Santorini Association for the Salvaging of the Sea Diamond Wreck in a letter it sent to Parliament’s Special Standing Committee for Environmental Protection.

US Embassy closing for Presidents’ Day

The US Embassy in Athens and its Consular Section, the US Consulate General in Thessaloniki, and all US Government offices in Greece will be closed on Monday.