Emma Shapplin back again

French singer Emma Shapplin, who has enjoyed particular popularity in Greece, will be returning for a performance on March 6 at the Athens Concert Hall. On this latest visit, Shapplin’s show will include songs from her new album, «Macadam Flower,» a project loaded with ethereal melodies. Shapplin, now 36, made an impact a little over a decade ago with the release of 1997’s debut album, «Carmine Meo,» which featured songs written for her by Jean-Patrick Capdevielle. To date, the album has sold over 1.5 million copies, establishing Shapplin as one of the most formidable exponents in the field of pop-opera. Highlighting her popularity here, Shapplin, who has collaborated with perennial local star George Dalaras in the past, has come to perform here on a number of occasions. Tickets for Shapplin’s Athens performance go on sale in early February (35-90 euros and 20 euros for students).