Never Ending Tour heads this way

It’s the final countdown for Bob Dylan’s upcoming live performance in Athens. Tickets are already on sale, and the clock is ticking. Part of the «Never Ending Tour,» the poet-musician will go on stage accompanied by his band at the Terra Vibe Park at Malakasa on May 29. The tour, which began in 1988, is still a work in progress. With some 2,100 live performances notched up so far, Dylan is not the kind of artist who needs to warm up before going on stage. You may add to the above figure the Athens gig, which, rumor has it, will open the tour’s European leg this year. When talking about a living myth such as Bob Dylan, cliches come with the territory. He has been called everything under the sun: a «silent revolutionary,» «the single most important artist,» but also «Judas» and «prophet.» Call him whatever you please, he is the kind of artist who seems unwilling to take it easy, even for a minute. Besides music, he writes poetry, he paints, is involved in cinema, is a radio producer – and he has the Midas touch. He also seems to find it tiresome talking about himself. Instead, he urges people to decode his lyrics and find out what it’s all about. So there’s plenty of work carved out until May 29: to decode the lyrics of no fewer than 55 albums, appreciate why he is the recipient of 11 Grammy awards and, of course, to put together your personal playlist leading to the big concert day. Don’t forget his most recent work, «Together Through Life,» an album which was released in 2009. Dylan has already promised to interpret songs such as «Like a Rolling Stone,» «Sugar Baby,» «Lay Lady Lay,» «Knocking on Heaven’s Door,» «Blowin’ in the Wind.» So keep your requests for the finale and the encores. Until then, bear in mind that the first 2,500 tickets sold are going for 29 euros each, while the rest will go on sale for 45 euros. On the day of the concert, any remaining tickets will go for 50 euros and 75 euros. Those who have seen him on stage report that his live performances can be surprising, featuring unexpected elements. He is known, for instance, for altering his vocal approach from one evening to the next. Dylan’s European tour will come to an end in Limerick, Ireland. Meanwhile, on the same night, Rob Garza and Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation are scheduled to appear at the Melina Mercouri Vrachon Theater. Accompanied by 14 musicians, the duo will present a musical journey from Jamaica to North Africa.

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