Ceramics Again | Athens | To December 7


A group of 11 ceramic artists and design teams present their work at the Hermes Hotel in downtown Athens in a temporary exhibition running through Monday, December 7. Taking part in “Ceramics Again” are Anna Antonopoulou, Alexandra Argyrou-Angelopoulou, Andreas Katsilieris, Yianna Krimbithi, Giorgos Kyriazopoulos, Takis Papazafeiropoulos, Georgia Tsekoura, Defrost Design, Leo – Handmade Ceramics, Laurence Petit Peleyras and the Sifnos-based Lembesis family. The display also features jewelry by Mariella Rizou and knitted handbags by Noel by Epsilon.

Hermes Hotel, 19 Apollonos, Plaka, tel 210.323.5514