Prouder Than Ever | Athens | April 13


The Athens Center is hosting a book presentation of A.T. Casdagli’s “Prouder Than Ever: My War, My Diary, My Embroidery” on Wednesday, April 13. The event also includes a lecture by his daughter, Alexis Penny Casdagli. Major Alexis Casdagli, the British son of a Greek merchant, was captured in Sfakia, Crete, by the Germans during World War II. He was taken to Germany where he was imprisoned for four years. He started to sew during his incarceration. His now-famous first piece of embroidery shows his prisoner-of-war details as well as references to Adolf Hitler in Morse Code. Admission to the event, which starts at 7 p.m., is free. To reserve a seat, contact Joanna on 210.701.2268 or 210.701.5242. A reception will follow.

Athens Center, 48 Archimidous & 13 Domboli, Mets, tel 210.701.2268, www.athenscentre.gr