Kollektiva | Athens | April 8


Convention-smashing high-energy local rock act Kollektiva performs at the Gagarin venue on Saturday, April 8, accompanied by some of the country's most incisive hip-hop talent, including Dimitris Kalantzis (Tsopana Rave), MC Yinka and Psyclinic Tactix. Doors open at 9 p.m. and tickets cost 5 euros for a limited number of pre-sales, 8 euros if purchased in advance (from www.viva.gr, tel 11875 or Public, Reload, Seven Spots, Media Markt and Evripidis stores) and 10 euros at the door on the night.

Gagarin 205, 205 Liosion, tel 211.411.2500, www.gagarin205.gr