Wim Mertens | Athens | July 30


Celebrated Belgian minimalist composer Wim Mertens is coming to Athens for a single show in Sunday, July 30, on the invitation of the Greek Festival. The performance at the Herod Atticus Theater will feature “Dust of Truths,” the third and final part of “Cran aux Oeufs,” inspired by the a solo show in 2014 at the monument of Octavian Augustus in Nicopolis in Epirus. It will also comprise a selection of the composer’s most famous works, including “Earmarked,” “Often a Bird,” “Struggle for Pleasure” and “Close Cover,” among others. Tickets cost 15-50 euros and can be purchased online a www.greekfestival.gr.

Herod Atticus Theater, Dionysiou Areopagitou,
Acropolis, tel 210.928.2900