Tough Fashion | Athens | February 9-28


Greek nonprofit NoTraditional and UK-based sustainable luxury campaigners EcoLuxe London present “Tough Fashion,” an exhibition that first opened in the British capital and will be on display in the foyer of the Trianon cinema in Athens through February 28. The exhibition consists of a capsule collection of fashion items from different ages and cultures that caused suffering either in their manufacture or when they were worn. The show opens on Friday, February 9, with a screening at 6 p.m. of “Chasing Coral,” a documentary on the world's disappearing coral reefs, followed at 8 p.m. by a panel discussion with experts on the subject “Fashion Victim vs Victim of Fashion.” The show can be viewed daily from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Admission to the exhibition and the opening night events are free of charge.

Trianon Cinema, 21 Kodringtonos &
101 Patission,
tel 210.821.5469