Urban Athens Festival | Athens | July 3-6


Billed as the “Greek Underground Revolution,” the inaugural Urban Athens Festival promises fans of psychedelic rock and thrash metal a real treat from July 3 to 6. Twenty-four local acts are slated to perform at the Piraeus 117 Academy and Technopolis, both in the downtown Gazi district. The lineup includes the Acid Death, Septic Flesh, Nightstalker and many more. The four-day festival is the brainchild of producer and concert promoter Nikos Loris, founder of the Rockwave Festival. Tickets cost 16.50 euros. For more information about the event, visit www.urbanathensfestival.gr.

Piraeus 117 Academy, 117 Pireos, Gazi;
Technopolis, 100 Pireos, Gazi