Anna Vissi Charity Concert | Mati | September 7


Greek-Cypriot pop star Anna Vissi is dedicating an evening of her summer concert tour to the eastern Attica town of Mati, which was devastated by a wildfire last year. Vissi, who represented Greece at the Eurovision song contests of 1980 and 2006, and Cyprus in 1982, is credited with being one of the key proponents in the explosion of the Greek pop scene in the 1990s. In Saturday's concert, the artist will be singing in support of the non-profit Desmos organization, which has helped in the fire recovery effort. The show is being hosted by the Nautical Association of Mati (NAOMA), which provided shelter to more than 700 people following the fires. The show starts at 8.30 p.m. and admission is free of charge.

NOMA, Mati Harbor, tel 22940.345.12