View from Olympus | Thessaloniki | November 8


The Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Miltos Logiadis and with Konstantinos Destounis on piano and Alexej Gerassimez on percussion, presents John Psathas’ award-winning “View from Olympus.” Widely considered one of the three most important living composers of the Greek diaspora, Psathas was born and lives in New Zealand, where he has achieved a level of international success unprecedented in the country’s musical history. He penned “View from Olympus” in 2001 during a vacation at his parental home in Nea Michaniona, near Thessaloniki. The concert program at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall also includes two works by Shostakovich: the colorful Festive Overture and his Symphony No 6, a celebration of life and youth. Tickets cost 10 and 15 euros, and the performance begins at 9 p.m.

Thessaloniki Concert Hall, 25is Martiou &
 Paralia, tel 2310.895.800, www.tch.gr