The Swing Era | Athens | February 18


The Athens Big Band present their “The Swing Era” at the Maria Callas Olympia Municipal Music Theater. The show will also feature the Athens Lindy Hop dance company and musicians Jennie Kapadai and Stavros Romanos. This retrospective on the golden age of jazz and swing promises to take the audience on a journey through time, starting from the 1920s and exploring ragtime rhythms from New Orleans, Harlem rent parties, and the sounds that emerged during World War II and the growth of Hollywood, among other periods when he genres were evolving. The show begins at 8.30 p.m. Ticket prices range from 5 to 25 euros. For bookings, visit www.viva.gr. 

Maria Callas Olympia Municipal Music Theater, 59 Academias, tel 210.371.1200