George Petrides | Mykonos | To October 20


Figurative sculptor George Petrides is presenting his latest gallery show at the Municipal Art Gallery on the island of Mykonos through October 20. The show includes a selection of Petrides’ contemporary, abstracted figurative sculptures, in sizes ranging from a few inches to larger than life. The Greek-born artist is deeply influenced by ancient Greek sculpture, and the later works that were influenced by it in Italy and France. He is concerned with the human experience in the form of the body and the head, exploring the beauty and the imperfection of people and of life. Petrides’ work can also be viewed on his website (petrides.art) and his Instagram account. For additional information, contact [email protected]

Municipal Art Gallery, Zervoudakis-Iglessis Building, 20-22 Kalogera, tel 2289.025.761