Deadline for unpaid PPC bills

Electricity bills including the special property tax for 2012 will need to be paid by June 21, as Public Power Corporation has said that it will submit a list of all unpaid levies to the Finance Ministry on June 22 so that they may be collected by tax authorities.

Any PPC customers using alternative payment points such as Hellenic Post, banks etc, will need to pay their dues by June 18. Should any PPC customer pay an overdue bill that contains the tax after June 22, the amount of the property tax will be returned in the next bill and the tax debt will have to be paid at a tax office.

Electricity bills with the property tax for 2013 will start being issued in late June. On a practical level this means that as soon as taxpayers finish paying for the 2012 special property tax, they will have to start paying for the 2013 levy. This levy is expected to be 15 percent lower than that it was in 2011 and in 2012.