PPC workers threaten strikes over sell off plan

Workers at power utility PPC are threatening to call a wave of strikes next month in opposition to government plans to sell a stake in the company.

PPC’s labour union GENOP will meet on April 28 to decide whether to call rolling 48-hour strikes in early May, it said in a statement.

GENOP’s executive council is recommending «rolling 48-hour strikes … to make the government change its wrong decision,» the labour union said in the statement.

GENOP strikes, of which there have been several in the past years, usually lead to rotating power cuts across the country and increased electricity imports.

The Socialist government plans to reduce its stake in PPC from 51 to 34 percent, under a 50 billion euro 2011-2015 privatisation program.

In response, unions have already called a general strike for May 11.