Taxi strike kills off hundreds of thousands of bookings

The taxi strike that ended last week has cost the country between 250,000 and 300,000 bookings for the September-October period while tourism is set for a sudden 20 percent decline, according to industry sources.

The problem is more acute in Athens, which has already had a worse year than 2010 owing to riots and demonstrations in previous months.

While foreign arrivals to Greece have posted a 10 percent annual increase in the year to July, Athens International Airport is the only one to to have registered a decline in arrivals, by 2.74 percent, according to the Association of Hellenic Tourist Enterprises (SETE).

Arrivals at Greece?s 13 biggest airports in the year?s first seven months rose to 6,458,612 from 5,874,144 in the same period last year. This figure accounts for 72 percent of all foreign arrivals to the country.