Belgian paper finds Greece more attractive than ever

Greece has improved as a holiday destination, according to a Belgian newspaper report which suggests that the hardship the country is experiencing does not seem to bother Belgian tourists, who continue to opt for Greece when it comes to vacations.

Brussels-based daily De Morgen cites the views of Belgian travel agents who argue that Greece offers the ideal holiday environment for Belgian tourists, stressing that the problems observed are limited to Athens, which ?only attracts a small part of tourism to Greece compared to the islands.?

The same travel agents certify that anyone choosing Greece for vacations during this period will enjoy even better service as ?everyone in Greece realizes that tourism is now the country?s best export product and they are determined to safeguard it with their lives.?

They do however add that there has been no change to last year?s prices, which means the cost of vacationing in Greece is the same as in 2011.