State Property Company moves ahead with developments

In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the State Property Company is planning to utilize funds from the National Strategic Reference Framework to move ahead with developments worth a total 56.4 million euros.

The managing director of the State Property Company, Dimitris Lambrou, estimates that the development of six properties will be ready to begin in 2013. He also notes that some of these six properties may be utilized by the private sector once the original development project in completed.

Specifically, the renovation and promotion of the Achilleion Palace on the island of Corfu has been assigned a budget of 14.5 million euros, while the creation of an environmental awareness park at the Kaiafa Thermal Springs in the Peloponnese, will cost an estimated 8.1 million euros. The latter development will include the construction of accommodation for visitors, sports facilities, a car park and floating mooring for boats on Kaiafa Lake, as well as a road network around the lake for special electronic vehicles and bicycles.

Upgrading the ski lifts at the Parnassos Ski Center?s Aphrodite, Bacchus and Zeus pistes will run to 17 million euros, which is also the budget assigned for the development of a large public park at Paliouri in Halkidiki, northern Greece. There, the company plans to build information kiosks to raise environmental awareness, as well as outdoor seating areas, eight kilometers of bicycle tracks and paths for walking.

Ecotourism is also the focus of the company?s development project in Fanari, Rhodope, in northeastern Greece, where it plans to spend 2.8 million euros on developing the beach area, building sports facilities and installing automatic bicycle rental points.

Finally, the restoration and promotion of the Diros Caves in the Peloponnese will cost a total of 12.4 million euros.