Managing data lowers costs, ups productivity

Stacks of folders piled up on tables, chairs or stuffed into cupboards are a common sight in public offices and companies yet to adopt a modern document storage system. An ugly sight, no doubt; but more importantly, it speaks volumes about the organizations’ efficiency and productivity. «It is a major problem because it takes time to locate information. In the meantime, you have all these folders stored in unsuitable areas, on shelves, in drawers, anywhere,» said Virginia Papadopoulou, chief executive officer of Your Ideas. Founded less than a year ago, Your Ideas offers to transform document-based electronic information into knowledge assets, enabling users to organize, find and distribute content easily and efficiently. The company’s document management products come from Hummingbird, a Canadian software solutions company which has made content management an art in itself. Your Ideas may be an infant in the field, but it has already signed up a number of major companies as its clients. «We have installed products for EFG Insurance, veterinary product manufacturer Veterin, courier firm Speedex, the Public Health Center, the National Radio and Television Council and consulting company Intraway,» said Papadopoulou. She said Greek companies have rapidly caught on to the importance of managing and controlling their information, seeing it not just as a form of storage but also as a tool to reduce administrative and maintenance costs, improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Your Ideas’ document management products do all that and more, said Papadopoulou. «We can take information in whatever form – paper, Powerpoint or Word documents, faxes – and store them electronically into a database as they are, enabling access to the content across the company,» she said. Users can get access to the information at home from their computers or via the Internet by keying in their user ID and password. Enhanced security options mean users can be allowed or denied access to managed items. Papadopoulou said products can be tailored to match a company’s needs. «A firm can install a product and then gradually upgrade it as its needs evolve,» she said.