Gazprom?s VP talks natural gas in Athens

Russia reiterated its interest in energy developments in Greece with the visit of Gazprom?s vice president, Alexander Medvedev, to Athens on Tuesday.

In the context of the prospective transmission of natural gas through Greece and the planned privatization of the Public Gas Corporation (DEPA) and gas grid operator (DESFA), Medvedev met with Energy Minister Giorgos Papaconstantinou in the presence of DEPA?s chief executive officer, Haris Sachinis, and Prometheus Gas President Dimitris Kopelouzos.

The ministry stated that the discussion centered on the issues of the country?s supply of natural gas and the privatization program the government has announced in the energy sector.

In a statement Medvedev referred to the increased demand by Greece during this winter period and the delivery of additional quantities by Gazprom.

The meeting was arranged as soon as the BP consortium that will transmit Azeri natural gas to Europe ruled out the use of the planned Turkey-Greece-Italy — ITGI — pipeline.