Cyprus generator failure causes supply outages

Cyprus restored most of its power supply after failures caused by the breakdown of a generator at a plant on the southeast coast of the island on Wednesday, less than a year after an explosion knocked out its biggest power station (photo).

The unit at the Dekelia plant failed for unspecified reasons at 4.45 a.m., Costas Gavrielides, a spokesman for the Cyprus Electricity Authority, said in a phone interview.

While EAC had difficulty getting other units online after the failure, it did not have a capacity problem, he said.

EAC was generating 459 megawatts of electricity at 10.45 a.m. in Nicosia, compared with EAC?s prior forecast of 517 megawatts for that time, the transmission system operator said on its website.

The country?s power generation dropped to 123 megawatts when the failure happened, from 311 megawatts at 4.30 a.m., according to EAC?s website.

Total installed capacity is 963 megawatts.

Only one of six 60-megawatt units was operational at Dekelia, Gavrielides said earlier on Wednesday.

More power was being supplied by the Moni station, the country?s oldest plant.