EU-appointed privatization adviser resigns amid graft allegations

A Slovakian official appointed by the European Commission to advise Greece on privatizations has resigned her position amid corruption allegations in her homeland.

According to New Europe, Anna Buben?­kova said she was stepping down so the Greek government and the European Union would not have «to judge and evaluate the disinformation and untrue assertions constantly made by some media and some Slovak politicians?.

Bubenikova, previously head of here country?s National Property Fund, had been acting as an adviser to Greece since August 2011 but the Slovak Finance Ministry said last week that it would ask the Eurogroup to re-examine her position after she was implicated in the so-called ?Gorilla? scandal in her homeland.

Bubenikova resigned her position in the Slovakian fund in January after her name appeared in transcripts of a secret service investigation into claims of cronyism at the organization. She denies the allegations.

?Following allegations of corruption, the Slovakian authorities earlier this year dismissed Ms Bubenikova from the Slovak National Property Fund,? the Commission said in a statement on August 10. ?So far however, to the Commission knowledge, the Slovak authorities have not started any legal proceedings or any formal investigation concerning Ms Bubenikova.?

The Council of Economic Experts that advises the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund has seven members. Three are appointed by the EU, four by Greece. The experts are paid between 1,000 and 1,500 euros a month by the privatization agency, according to New Republic.