EU Task Force expects deal on highway funding soon

A final agreement on long-term funding for Greece’s main highways will be reached within the next few days, Horst Reichenbach, the head of the European Commission’s Task Force for Greece said on Tuesday in the context of a European Parliament hearing on the implementation of the Greek streamlining program.

The German technocrat defended the Task Force’s record in Greece, saying that construction on the highways, which will create 20,000 jobs, has already started. He added that other priority actions have already been put in motion, such as the approval of a plan for restructuring of the public administration, the assessment of 206,000 public sector employees, the simplification of customs checks for facilitating exports, and the start of a three-year campaign to promote out-of-court settlements in order to accelerate judicial procedures in this country.

The Task Force’s mission in Greece will run through 2015, as dictated by the agreement with the Commission.