Private sector employment rises in September

Salaried employment in the private sector rose in September according to data collected by the Greek Labor Ministry’s Ergani database sysem.

The information garnered by the database system pointed to hirings outnumbering dismissals or departures by 63,122 in September.

According to Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis a government decision to impose higher fines in cases of unregistered employment had had an impact in the sector.

The figures released by the Ergani database showed that the balance between appointments and dismissals in the private salaried sector stood at 165,702 new jobs in the first nine months of 2013, the highest performance recorded in the same period since 2001.

Out of the 165,702 hirings recorded, 59,431 were full-time contracts, 85,685 related to part-time positions while 20,507 referred to rotating employment.

Cross-checks and inspections to detect cases of unregistered labor were set to continue, said Vroutsis.