Traffic through Athens Airport is increasing

Traffic at Athens International Airport is showing clear signs of recovery, which bides well at the start of 2014, a year when several foreign airlines are planning to return to the country’s main airport.

Official data showed on Thursday that December was the third consecutive month that posted a yearly increase in traffic, amounting to 4.6 percent, after a 0.7 percent rise in November and 1.3 percent growth in October. December’s rise came from marginal growth (0.6 percent) from domestic traffic and a significant rise (6.8 percent) in international traffic, for a total of over 795,000 passengers.

For the whole of 2013, AIA saw a 400,000-passenger decline in traffic, or 3.2 percent, as numbers dropped from 12.9 million in 2012 to 12.5 million in January-December 2013.