Improvement in consumer climate

Consumer sentiment in Greece is on the track of improvement but has not yet put the worst past it, a survey by GFK Consumer Climate survey for the second quarter of the year in Europe has shown.

Although the indexes concerning Greece remain in negative territory, the trend has shown a clear improvement since last August.

Economic expectations now are at -10 points, which was 14 points better off than in end-March and 24 points above the reading of a year earlier.

The end-June reading has been the highest seen since December 2009. Across the European Union the index showed +9.1 points. Income expectations in Greece are also on the mend: In June the index showed -18, the highest since January 2010 and 11 points above last March.

Purchase willingness had a -14.6-point level in June, which was unseen since October 2009. That compares with -26.1 points in March and -29.6 points in June 2013.