Tourism season’s end hurts jobs

The seasonal factor, i.e. the end of the tourism period for 2014, meant that there were 20,000 more departures than hirings in November, according to official data from the Labor Ministry’s Ergani database. This was the third consecutive month that a job deficit was recorded.

The database showed 112,665 hirings last month against 132,996 departures, i.e. a loss of 20,331 jobs. However, in the period from January to November the balance was positive with the creation of 99,956 jobs. This still falls short of the surplus from the same period in 2013, which came to 113,489 jobs.

Last month there were 14,557 more hirings than in November 2013, but there were also 17,674 departures (sackings or voluntary exits) than a year earlier.

More than half of the November hirings (55.2 percent or 62,223 jobs) concerned part-time work (42,564) or rotational employment (19,659). There were also 2,736 cases of full-time employment switched to part-time, of which 508 were done through a unilateral decision by the employer.

The biggest number of departures predictably came from the tourism accommodation sector, amounting to 23,674 jobs lost.