Motherhood allowance for women at OAEE

New mothers insured with the fund for freelancers and the self-employed (OAEE) will as of this year be entitled to an allowance of 150 euros per month for four months, bringing OAEE in line with Greece’s other social security funds.

The Labor Ministry is expected to approve the request from OAEE’s administration, which calculates that the annual sum to be paid out will not exceed 2.5 million euros and will be fully covered by the fund’s benefits account. According to OAEE data, there will be an estimated 3,000 recipients per year.

OAEE director Gogo Kotidou told Kathimerini that the ministerial decision will correct a long injustice for women in the fund’s register, while new mothers insured with the country’s other fund for the self-employed, ETAA, have been receiving 200 euros per month for four months since last October.