Maximum weekly cash from Wednesday


The government said on Tuesday that it will be allowing bank customers to withdraw the maximum weekly amount of 420 euros on any day of the week, not necessarily on Friday, provided they have not withdrawn any cash for seven consecutive days.

The Finance Ministry announced on Tuesday that in order to make cash withdrawals easier for depositors and pensioners, from Wednesday until Friday, July 31 it will be possible to withdraw from bank tellers or cash machines the amount of 420 euros per client per bank on any one of these three days.

If customers have made any withdrawals in the last seven days they will be able to collect the remainder up to the maximum of 420 euros in one transaction.

This means that there will be no need for pensioners or other depositors to form long queues on Friday, as was the case last week, in order to get the maximum amount of cash that is available to them.

This measure, aimed at easing capital controls, will be formalized in the next few days with a new legislative act for the coming weeks as well.