ATHEX: Greek stocks rise in very thin trading


Greek stocks continued their slow recovery on Monday, helped by the notable decline in sovereign bond yields.

The benchmark advanced 0.78 percent, but this was achieved on the smallest trading volume of the last two months as investors continue to wait for news from the negotiations front with the creditors.

The Athens Exchange (ATHEX) general index rose to 557.16 points from Friday’s 552.83 points.

The large-cap FTSE 25 index expanded 1.04 percent to end at 154.99 points, while mid-caps gave up 0.40 percent.

Construction companies outperformed as Ellaktor grew 5.08 percent and Lamda Development increased 3.97 percent.

In total 54 stocks made gains, 38 posted losses and 21 ended unchanged.

Turnover amounted to 35.6 million euros, just over a third of last Friday’s 99.8 million.

In Nicosia the general index of the Cyprus Stock Exchange declined 0.21 percent to 67.20 points.