ATHEX: Fourth consecutive day of bourse gains


Stocks posted gains for a fourth consecutive session at the Athens Exchange (ATHEX) on Monday, defeating expectations for a decline given the failure of the Euro Working Group to set a date for the return of the top representatives of the country’s creditors to Greece.

The ATHEX general index closed at 520.08 points, adding 0.65 percent to Monday’s 516.71 points. The four successive days of gains – for the first time in two-and-a-half months – have added up to 9.66 percent of growth for the benchmark.

The large-cap FTSE 25 index expanded 0.85 percent to end at 141.25 points, led by Hellenic exchanges (up 3.98 percent) and OPAP (3.93 percent). Grivalia Properties gave up 4.35 percent and PPC followed up its 9.44 percent gains on Monday with a 1.92 percent decline on Tuesday.

Banks had a mixed picture, as Piraeus fell 3.85 percent and National lost 2.50 percent, while Eurobank advanced 0.71 percent.

In total 51 stocks enjoyed gains, 39 suffered losses and 15 closed unchanged.

Turnover amounted to 67.7 million euros, down from Monday’s 93.1 million.

In Nicosia the general index of the Cyprus Stock Exchange conceded 0.43 percent to 66.80 points.