ATHEX: Moderate rise for local stocks


Action at the Greek bourse was focused on the message from the European Central Bank Governing Council meeting on Thursday, mainly to the benefit of bank stocks.

The Athens Exchange (ATHEX) general index closed at 595.90 points, adding 0.49 percent to Wednesday’s 593.02 points. The large-cap FTSE 25 index rose 0.50 percent to end at 1,581.75 points.

Banks gained 1.27 percent, with Eurobank rising 3.01 percent.

In total 63 stocks moved up, 45 came down and 16 stayed put.

Turnover reached 27.8 million euros, just up on Wednesday’s 27.3 million.

The general index of the Cyprus Stock Exchange in Nicosia fell 0.84 percent to 66.12 points.