All eyes on EWG meeting on January 12


The Euro Working Group (EWG) meeting on January 12 is the next focal point in talks between Greece and its European lenders after the two sides overcame a deadlock over a Christmas bonus granted to low-income pensioners by the left-led government.

The meeting of eurozone deputy finance ministers is set discuss the issue of short-term measures to ease Greece’s debt. The EWG will also examine the review progress of the Greek bailout program.

Analysts expect no significant development over the next couple of weeks, as representatives of the institutions will be away due to holiday. Technical talks will continue, but no high level negotiation is expected to take place.

It is understood that the SYRIZA-led government wants to settle all outstanding issues by the upcoming Eurogroup meeting on January 26.

Analysts say this is unlikely as creditors want to weigh the stance of US President-elect Donald Trump on the role of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the Greek program. This should become officially known after January 20.