Pylos marina tender postponed again


The tender for the privatization of the marina at Pylos in the southwestern Peloponnese has been postponed another four months.

State sell-off fund TAIPED announced that the submission date for binding offers, which had been last Monday, has been changed to July 13, 2017.

It is the second time TAIPED has extended this tender, and this is the fund’s second tender for this privatization, following an initial one in 2013, which was canceled.

The second tender was launched last fall with a January 12 deadline, and now it appears the bids will not be submitted until six months after that date.

There is strong interest in Pylos marina as Kalamata, the main city in the area, and the Peloponnese in general are drawing increasing numbers of visitors, and the owner of the Costa Navarino luxury resort is among the main suitors.