Army pension cuts may erode staff morale


The Association of Hellenic Air Force Academy Graduates has warned in a statement that the massive drop in army staff pensions – reaching up to 70 percent over the last eight years – has a moral aspect that may compromise the spirit of the armed forces.

The latest cuts in the pensions of retired army officers, in line with legislation introduced by former social security minister Giorgos Katrougalos, have resulted in the highest-paid retirees’ income falling to 1,420-1,583 euros per month (including all the supplementary pensions they receive), compared to more than 3,000 euros before 2010.

Retired officers are now telling Kathimerini that there is a fear of further reductions in pensions. They are also worried about the message the government is sending to existing military officers, especially those serving at key locations, such as fighter jet pilots over the Aegean Sea, who continue to do their best every single day.