ATHEX: Greek stocks stage recovery after four days of losses


The Greek stock market surged back to growth on Thursday, with the benchmark all but offsetting its Tuesday losses.

The Athens Exchange (ATHEX) general index ended at 835.80 points, adding 1.20 percent to Wednesday’s 825.93 points.

The large-cap FTSE-25 index expanded 1.30 percent to 2,152.92 points.

The banks index ascended 1.86 percent, mainly thanks to National’s 4.61 percent expansion.

Mytilineos advanced 3.16 percent and Motor Oil improved 2.13 percent while PPC gave up 1.80 percent.

In total 66 stocks reported gains, 49 registered losses and 27 stayed put.

Turnover amounted to 43.5 million euros, down from Wednesday’s 46.1 million.

In Nicosia the Cyprus Stock Exchange general index declined 0.40 percent to 67.79 points.